Privacy Policy

Blueprint Regulatory Consulting – Privacy Policy Disclosures

The privacy of individuals who visit Blueprint Regulatory Consulting (“BRC”) website is important to us. Any personal information submitted electronically to BRC is treated and protected in the same manner as information submitted email, mail service or an office visit. BRC will does not utilize personal information for sale to third parties.

BRC may collect and retain statistical and technical information concerning visits to our site, such as the date and time, as well as the length and pages viewed. If such information is collected, BRC will utilize such information to improve the content of our web services and to analyze how visitors are utilizing our website services. BRC reserves the right to monitor network traffic to identify any unauthorized attempts to cause damage to or manipulate current information on our web site.


There are security issues involved when submitting personal or confidential information over an Internet connection. The decision to do so is at your discretion. We attempt at all times to provide our users with a safe Internet browsing experience. However, there may be times when such security measures are beyond our control. You are directly responsible for correct use, maintenance and security of your computer, network system, software applications and/or electronic files. BRC is not liable for any damages to or loss of your computer, network system, software applications or electronic files due to inadequate security features, user error and/or failure to comply with recommended operating procedures and maintenance. BRC is not liable for any damages or loss due to internet connection and/or service failures, problems, or damages caused by applications owned and maintained by a separate corporation or entity.

Personal Information

This website will only collect personal information which the viewer knowingly and voluntarily provides by, for example, sending us e-mails or completion of certain information request forms. Upon receipt of personal information, BRC will typically contact you directly regarding your inquiry or request. We may also contact you to provide information about our services, regulatory updates, and new products that may interest you. BRC will not share your name or information provided to a third party or anyone outside our firm without your consent.

Upon receiving email communications from BRC, please note you have the opportunity to decline further communications upon request.

BRC has established and implemented a Privacy Policy addressing our process for protecting sensitive customer information. For further detailed information related to BRC’s Privacy Policy, email